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north east wedding photographer andrew davies


Last updated : 13th February 2023

What to look for and what to avoid when choosing and researching Wedding Photographers UK.


Things to look for with a Professional and Trusworthy Wedding Photographer:


Things to AVOID with a wedding photographer:


So how much is a good Wedding Photographer in the UK ?

The answer to this lies in many parts. Experience - A more experienced photographer will charge more than a new starter as they are charging for more than just operating a camera and the whole skill of helping orchestrating the day and making sure everything goes to plan - as well as considering the amount and cost of equipment the more experienced tog has to pay for. Location - A photographer in the North East will be able to charge much less than a London Photographer simply to down to the cost of living and expenses - it can also be cheaper to get a photographer from the North to travel to a venue in the South. Package - More Hours , Albums and extras all add to the cost. typically a charge of 100-150 per hour is around the norm for the North of the country - adding in albums etc can add up to 500 plus depending on the quality. Remember to also consider the time of editing and admin/advertising/office costs etc in the cost - the Wedding Photographer does not make 100 per hour - a 10 hour wedding involves around 20 hours of editing and admin time so a 1000 wedding is for 30 hours and then factor in cost of equipment transport clothing etc and it comes in at closer to 25 per hour this is also then subject to tax. Time of Year and Day - As can be found in many industries booking a wedding and all its suppliers can be cheaper off peak , in wedding terms this means winter and weekdays ( excluding friday ) will be cheaper.


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north east wedding photographer andrew davies