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Important information, frequently asked questions about our Wedding Photography

and terms and conditions page

Last updated 6th Feb 2023


Coverage and Timings

Our normal full day coverage starts from brides/grooms preparations , this would normally be approx. 1-2 hours prior to leaving for ceremony to allow us to capture makeup / final touches , dresses/suits being put on and brides/bridesmaids/bridal party /family naturally as the day begins. In cases where travel between the houses/locations is possible we can also a second brides/grooms preparations if wished – this needs to be arranged before the day and in some cases will require two photographers to be hired. We would continue through the day as far as just after the first dance where the day for us is complete. If during the long days of the summer months you decide on fireworks or lanterns etc. for very late at night and it runs after your first dance we can arrange additional coverage for that with you just let us know.

Please be aware it is not unusual for weddings to overrun – where this happens and 45 mins or more is taken past the package priced timings and as long as agreed with ourselves at the time, a charge of £100 per hour will be applicable and be invoiced post wedding for payment.

During mealtimes we gratefully accept any offer of food from yourselves or the venue if this is not possible we will make our own arrangements but may have to leave the venue for a short time to do so. Please remember in some cases including travel our day is 12 hours long so we will need to take a break

Please also take into consideration when planning your day positioning of décor and props especially relating to their position during the ceremony. It Is important we have a clear and unobstructed view of the couple from our position during the ceremony which is normally facing the couple and to the side of the couple and in some case with churches etc may be behind a rail or enclosure. If décor / plants / trees etc are obstructing where we need to see/be then they will be moved within reason to allow us to work effectively without any prior agreement with decorators / suppliers etc and we will do our best to inform you if this needs to happen.

On the point of ceremonies and to try and help you get the best from your photos from our experiences in the past here are some pointers – try and relax during the ceremony as shots where you are smiling and looking at each other are always the best – nothing wrong with emotion and tears so have a hanky handy !. Try to be close together when standing and hold hands where possible. If you’re wearing a veil don’t forget to ask someone to remove it at the appropriate time. Don’t worry about your words if you go wrong the vicar/registrar will repeat and help you out (hint – “lawful impediment” is the most often mispronounced phrase). Civil Ceremonies are generally short and last 15-30 minutes including photos at the end, Church services can be longer dependent upon the number of readings /hymns etc.
And don’t forget we are here to help! – With over 500 weddings photographed and a wealth of experience if you are not sure about anything just ask.

Editing and Supply of Images

For a full day we would expect roughly 500+ final edited shots which we supply to you copyright free on USB in high res Jpeg format, this can be used by yourselves to print anything you like pretty much to any size you want A4 / A3 / A2 / A1 etc.

Edited images online gallery and disk are normally ready within 4-6 weeks of the date depending on the time of year, we take time with editing and spend around a week from start to finish on each set of photos ( full day weddings )
Please note we take great pride in our work and spend a lot of time on editing so we do not offer a service of providing the unedited RAW shots nor do we show photos on screens on the evening of the wedding or give out proof albums so you can have the photos a few days later . A question we often answer is why it takes 4-6 weeks when it only takes a week to do a wedding - simply answered in some months we do 10 weddings and therefore need the overspill time - in quiter times of year we can get them done quicker. We also only edit in the order of the weddings dates so a small wedding would get no preference or be any faster at being finished as it would still be down to how many we currently have to do.

Copyright Free is a general term used to describe the use of the images by the client ie there is no copyright logo on the images , in legal terms the photographer retains the copyright but licenses the client to print the images or use them for their own purposes as long as it is not used commercially or given to other companies without our authorisation.

We will supply you with a usb disk of the final edited images in full resolution without copyright marks or logos for your own use around 4-6 weeks after the wedding, also on the disk will be a Facebook and supplier optimized gallery which has our logos and can be used online and given to other suppliers etc. With the disk will also be a certificate authorising you to use the images to print for yourselves in case you are questioned in any of the major supermarkets etc.


Photography as an art form requires the photographer to be proficient in the use of many pieces of equipment , and all photographers differ in the makes and types of equipment they use , we personally use Canon 5Dmk4/3 cameras with a range of professional L lenses ranging from Ultra Low Light lenses for non flash use in church etc , to telephoto lenses for long distance capture of natural shots. We have two camera bodies and lenses in use in case of breakdowns. We do not use additional lighting setups other than flashguns to remain discreet and natural. We have full indemnity and public liability insurance.

Booking and Payment

To book our services normally requires a non-refundable retainer of £200 payable by bank transfer or cash, we do not as part of any package offer meetings or engagement shoots as standard but these can be arrange at our discretion and may attract an additional charge.

Final payments are due 28 days prior to the event and we will send you an invoice around then including any balances travel costs etc. and requesting any information we need. Failure to pay the balance in the time period without prior agreement can result in the date being re-opened, further charges or in extreme cases court action and without payment we are released from any commitment to photograph the event in the contract.
PLEASE NOTE – We no longer accept cheques as payment

Photography by Guests and Videography

There are no problems with us allowing guests to take photos and we encourage it during the day as it all adds to your memories. There are occasions during the day especially during set shots and ceremonies where we may need to ask people to wait whilst we do our work to prevent spoiling the images and on the odd occasion if we feel the quality of our work is being hampered by a guest or relative getting a little over enthusiastic we would have a polite word as after all we want the best for you on the day ! We would also ask that specifically during the walking in to the ceremony people are not hanging in to aisles with cameras as it spoils and in some cases completely blocks our photos as we cannot move from position – this should be noted to your registrar/vicar etc so they can announce this. One exeption to guest photography is when a member of the wedding party or guest brings a camera and wishes to take photos for their own promotion ie starting a photography business or promoting their own wedding photography, we spend time and effort in training and practise to set up shots and know how to make them work so we would not allow our posed shots to be used by anyone for those reasons. If this is happening then we will politely ask that it is stopped as too many cameras and people trying to direct shots does not work.

As far as videography we goes we can happily recommend Videographers we have worked with who wont spoil the whole natural and candid approach we have to our work, there are also those who might so we would ask you let us know if you are booking a pro videographer so we can liaise with them or ask us for a recommend , in the case of guests the same applies if you have someone taking video for you we will talk with them so there are no crossed wires and everything runs smoothly.

Online Gallery

This will normally be the first stage in your photos being shown via an online gallery which we will host online for 12 months for you and your relatives / friends to see. The online images are compressed to fit on the internet and are not representative of the final quality of the images supplied on disk.


We use the Italian Graphi Studio company for our albums and only supply albums to our own clients, we cannot make albums for other clients or photographers. The normal turnaround time for albums is around 6 weeks from receiving the final proof and sending. There may be a postal charge if your album needs to be posted in the UK or abroad please check with us for details. For accounting and logistical reasons we will allow a maximum of 18months from the date of receiving the photos to order and finalise any Albums / Products within the purchased package price. Please check our website for further details on albums.

Weather !

We are used to the English weather and have taken photographs in everything from fog and blizzards to blistering sunshine and will be happy to advise on the best courses of action during the day for you to make the most out of the weather should it be less than favorable. We do have wedding Umbrellas and would also suggest some nice wedding wellies for winter or times when the ground may be very wet or muddy ! And a top coat or cover for the bride if it will be cold. In our experience it never rains for a full day and there are always breaks in bad weather so it is simply a case of being well organised and using the time to the best advantage and also getting some creative shots ( think singing in the rain and snowball fights ! ) Most venues have places where photography is fine inside too and we will check on the best locations for indoor formal shots if they are needed.

Cancellations and Date Changes

In the event of your venue cancelling or date changes we will do our best to accommodate any changes please give us as much notice as possible if you change venue or date.
If you decide to cancel your wedding photography then you automatically forfeit your retainer and we reserve the right to charge a fee to recoup our losses dependent upon the situation as we may not be able to rebook the date. Each situation would be dealt with on an individual basis and we will investigate any information we are given to come to an honest and fair solution. In any event of cancellations or changes please contact us asap so we can make necessary arrangements.

Cancellation Fees
Within 3 months of Wedding - 50% of total cost of wedding package
Earlier than 3 months of Wedding - 20% of total cost of wedding package

Payment and receipt of retainer represent a legally binding agreement between ourselves and yourselves. We carry backup equipment and have backup photographers and are insured to cover all eventualities and allow you a worry free experience. If you have any questions on anything please do not hesitate to ask.