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urbex north east urban exploration urbanism


Urban and Industrial Gallery - urbex north east and UK 2012 - 2022

Last updated 12/11/2022


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Please visit the below links to see some of my official urbex photography from the renowned 28 Days Later Site


Thorpe Marsh Power Station - February 2011 Victoria Tunnel , Newcastle - February 2011
Spillers ADM Mill , Newcastle Quayside - January 2011 Steetley Magnasite and Tunstall Court 2012
Thornaby Rail Maintenance Depot , Thornaby 2010 St Peters Seminary, Glasgow 2012
Steetley Magnasite Night Shoot 2010 Ushaw College 2010
Kirby Sixth Form College , Middlesbrough 2009 St Marys Mental Asylum and Hospital , Morpeth 2009
Tunstall Manor Mansion Hartlepool 2009 St Marys Asylum Stannington Morpeth 2009 pt 2
Club M Tall Trees |August 2011 Ushaw College Durham 2013
Little Burdon Farm Darlington 2012 Steetley Magnasite NightShoot 2012
Ryehope Pumping Station Pilkington Glass, Doncaster 2012
ushaw college 2010 St Marys Asylum Stannington 2013



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urbex is the urban exploration of industrial and commercial areas no longer in use and ranges from industrial and chemical sites to old hospitals and asylums, i started this hobby around 6 years ago and have found it probably the most challenging aspect of photography , the amost always atmospheric light and edge added by being somewhere unusual and sometimes being careful who sees you , then theres the history of the places you visit which is also fascinating.

Andrew Davies Photography is copyright protected and none of the images may be used without prior consent.

asylums. hospitals.industrial sites. dereliction. abandoned. decaying.

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